Is Ranveer the reason why Shahid is not playing special role in Padmavati?

Now Ranveer Singh is on peak of his career and some of its credit goes to Sanjay Leela Bhansal’s two directional films, namely, ‘Bajirao Mastani’ and ‘Ram-Leela’, which help Ranveer’s career to establish as a super star of Bollywood. Hence, it comes as a repulsive surprise for all of us and even Sanjay that the actor, who considers Bhansali as his preceptor, is currently at loggerheads with him in regards to their next cooperation, ‘Padmavati‘. Allegedly, the on-screen character has advanced an exceptionally solid condition and has requested that Bhansali chop down co-star Shahid Kapoor’s part and charge him as special appearance, which Bhansali refused, adding it would be unfair for the Shahid Kapoor.


The reports further recommend that Bhansali had his own particular reasons behind not consenting to Ranveer’s requests; firstly, the director has booked equivalent number of dates of both Ranveer and Shahid and besides, and Shahid agreed to go ahead board only after attaining assurance from Bhansali that his role will be as promising as Ranveer’s in the film. Hencef, Bhansali contends that in the event that he bills Shahid’s role as special appearance the he will for sure leave the film, which is the exact opposite thing Bhansali needs to happen at this phase of the film which should go on floors few days ago.

The director Bhansali has now requested Ranveer’s sweetheart Deepika to venture in to convince Ranveer to start shooting. Reports even propose that Bhansali has chosen to not work with Ranveer ever later on after ‘Padmavati’. Murmur!

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