Ranveer Singh Articulated the Subject of Endorsing a Condom Brand

We all know that the ‘cool dude’ of Bollywood endorses a condom brand. As per the sources, when asked about if he is ashamed to be part of such a discomfiture brand. He responded in the coolest possible way. As we all know Ranveer Singh has always been so vocal about his personal or professional life.


Regarding the issue, he quoted, “Youngsters don’t think of sex as a dirty thing” well, this is such an interesting take by an actor over an issue like sex. While still today, most of the celebrities don’t talk about it openly.

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Recently at an event, Ranveer Singh asserted again that sex is not a taboo as it is treated to be in our society.Sex has always been considered as a sneaky dirty thing and kept in a closet. People don’t want to talk about it.

The young sensation, Ranveer Singh said that endorsing a condom add was his tiny way of shedding light on the transforming perception of the youngsters in the society. He further claimed that youngsters don’t look up to it as a taboo.

Well, that was really an out of the box opinion exhibited by a celeb publicly. And we appreciate such open-mindedness.