Reliance Jio accused Rival Telecom Companies for Violating Telecom Conditions

Newly launched Reliance Jio Telecom Company accused its rival telecom companies of violating the telecom license conditions. It accused that other telecom companies are not providing the adequate connections to Jio networks. Jio has also alleged that crores of phone calls originating from its own network are not being connected to other telecom networks.

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On this allegation, other telecom companies have raised a demand and asked trail to approve a higher IUC (Interconnect Usage Charge) rate. They have also claimed then “tsunami” called are originating from Jio network which are clogging their networks. The operators have assured that Jio network is providing the incremental number of interconnection points. Due to its free voice calling facility, they viewed the uncharacteristically high traffic flow on the network. This flow put a financial burden on other networks operations.

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Jio network, the newly entrant telecom company in the market, has announced, its subscribers are unable to connect with other telecom networks of other companies neither outgoing nor incoming. Firstly, this network has shaken the whole telecom market by providing the lifetime free calls facility.