Religious and spiritual beliefs activate the brain reward circuit just like other prominent emotions

As per a recent study, religious and spiritual experiences activate the brain in a way that emotions like love, sex, music and gambling do.The researchers from the Unversity of Utah in US claimed that spiritual feelings instigate our brain in a way like sex, love and drugs etc do.

Credit: 1.bp
Credit: 1.bp

“We have just started to understand the complexity of brain and how does it participate in experiences that believers interpret as spiritual, divine or transcendent.”, says Jeff Anderson from University of Utah.As per the team, in last few years we have matured in ways that are required for Brain imaging. And now we are close to the questions that has been unanswered for years.

“When our study participant members were asked to think about a saviour, for suppose being with their loved ones for eternity, about their priceless heavenly rewards, their brains and bodies responded to it physically” said  Michael Ferguson who is a lead author from Utah university.And this study was published in the journal Social Neuroscience.

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