Reportedly, North Korea is Ready for Another Nuclear Test

Just after Pyongyang sparked worldwide condemnation, North Korea is going to conduct his 5th and the most powerful nuclear test at any time, South Korea’s Defence Ministry reported on Monday. Moon Sang-Gyun, one of the ministry spokesperson told media representatives that an additional nuclear test could be conducted a tunnel that might branches off from the 2nd tunnel or in the 3rd tunnel, where all preparations have been completed.

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Trending: dnaindia

Moon Sang-Gyun declined to elaborate further, adding it’s a matter Citing Intelligence. But, he notifies that South’s military is on full battle-assiduity to respond to further nuclear tests, land provocation, or ballistic missile launches.

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On Monday, South Korea’s news agency, Yonhap reported after receiving affiliations from unidentified government official stated that Pyongyang had finished his preparations for another nuclear test in its previously unused tunnel in the northeast, Punggye-ri site.

According to Seoul’s defence ministry, North Korea directed its first nuclear test in October 2006 in the 1st tunnel, whereas the last four tests were conducted in the 2nd tunnel.