Reportedly, Rs. 53 Crore Deposits Collected After Demonetisation Move

India’s biggest moneylender State Bank of India said on Friday banks got stores worth Rs. 53,000 crore since the administration put unavailable for general use high-esteem banknotes in an offer to deplete unlawful riches. Individuals began saving the now-pulled back 500 and 1000 Indian rupee notes in banks crosswise over India on Thursday. The window to do this is open till 30th December.’


About 14 lakh crore are held in 500 and 1000 rupee notes now. Almost 86% of the aggregate estimation of currencies of all divisions available for use. As indicated by the SBI, around 3.7% of this cash has returned to banks by Friday.

Specialists expect that a strict investigation administration may compel numerous individuals to devastate their illicit stash of wealth. On referring the precedent sets demonetisation plot in 1978, this could be anyplace somewhere around 1 and 10% of the aggregate – the last figure adding up to 1% of India’s GDP. Individuals have the choice of heading off to their banks and trading the old cash or keeping it.

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