Rohit Clears the News of Fall Out with SRK

Eventually , so many rumors followed the bad box office performance of Rohit-SRK’s Dilwale.Dilwale failed at the box office which questioned the blockbuster Jodi of the two.

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The bad reviews were big reasons for all the speculations by the people.For months after, both kept mom which further fueled the speculations. Rohit Shetty made a come back with a hit food brand with youngest b-town sensation Ranveer Singh.

Pic Credit: intoday
Pic Credit: intoday

And with this, he puts the speculations at rest at the ad film launch.He told us that he heard he was doing to do a movie ‘Theri’ with SRK which he declined.He also heard about the movie which didn’t even happen ever got shelved aside.He was extremely surprised in the thought that he and King Khan had fights.

And this itself clears the speculations.