Why Ronaldo-Messi comparisons should stop

Considered by many worldwide as the “Best Sport in the World”, Football is blessed with many skillful and talented players all these years, some who have made history whether they are a striker, a midfielder, a defender or a goalkeeper. But only some are immortal in this history. And amongst these immortal gentlemen are Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.


Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese Maestro is known all over the world, for his pace, power and trickery. Starting his career with Sporting CP in the 2002-2003 season, he has reached unimaginable heights over this period. Having played for big clubs like Manchester United and currently Real Madrid, he has achieved almost all individual accolades feasible in his glorious career. Lionel Messi, the Argentinian Wonder Kid is another big name when it comes to enumerating football greats. Though diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency at age 10, Messi was spotted by Barcelona scouts and was immediately admitted into the La Masia, Barcelona’s youth Academy. Since then, Messi has netted 463 goals in his 559-game club career, winning the La Liga seven times, the Champions League four times and the prestigious individual award Ballon d’Or five times (including the former Ballon d’Or and the current FIFA Ballon d’Or).



Though it is always a treat to watch them play and perform various tricks and skills and score goals, often the fans of these players indulge in waste comparisons between these two players on the topic of who is better than the other. I do term these comparisons as waste, as there is no need to fight on the topic. People need to agree that both these players are absolute world-class and nothing’s going to snatch this fact away. Comparisons mainly include the goals scored, number of individual trophies won and also linking to the teams they both play for. Everyone knows the rivalry between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid which adds up for another reason for the fans to compare these legends

It is completely pointless to fight over such comparisons. Both of them do their jobs perfectly, and have been very crucial to their club teams as well as National sides. It is not the relationship between Ronaldo and Messi which is bitter, but it is the fans that portray it as worse. Certainly, people should learn to respect players from rival teams and stop such comparisons and rather just enjoy the beautiful game.