Rude Behavior has been observed from Indian Flyers Side: UAE Report Alleged

In accordance to the inquiry conducted by the aviation authorities of UAE for the last month crash-landing of an Emirates flight in Dubai, has demonstrated poor light of Indian flyers. The Flight, EK-521 was flying to Dubai from Kerala (Thiruvananthapuram) on 3rd August 3 with a total of 282 passengers, where 88% passengers (226) were Indian at the time when aircraft burst into flames just after the landing.

Pic Credit: boardingarea
Pic Credit: boardingarea

An introductory report displayed by General Civil Aviation Authority of UAE, “Indian passenger’s behavior and their way to carry their baggage” during such crucial time when everybody on the board successfully evacuated from the Boeing 777 just before aircraft starts burning.

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In accordance with the inputs received from the Cabin Crew, Indian passengers were evacuating from the plane with their handbags despite being addressed by the crew not to do that. As the report doesn’t name Indian, but the reference is quite clear, 226 passengers out of 282 were Indians.

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