Samsung’s New Phone has Been Banned by US Aviation Safety official

According to the latest report, US aviation safety official warns the flight passengers not to turn on not even charge the new model of Samsung smartphone on flights from the reports of catching fire. US aviation safety officials has taken extraordinary step for safety on flight.
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FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) officials have also warns the passengers not to put Samsung’s new model Galaxy Note 7 in their check in bags. This report is extremely unusal that US aviation safety officials warn passengers about a specific product.

There are several reports on which basis, the FAA has warned the passengers not to use this special phone on flight. In St. Petersburg, Florida, one family charged Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in their jeep. It caught fire and destroyed the whole vehicle. There are several reports of explosion have been found last month. This device catches fire due to its lithium battery problems. These batteries are susceptible to catch file on overheating than the other batteries.

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Along with US aviation safety official, Australia airline companies has also took the similar step for safety reason. They have also asked the onboard passengers not to switch on charge Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on flight.