Saudi “Royal” were involved in 9/11 attack, Added by Guantanamo Prisoner

Al-Qaida bomb-maker accused, who set off for college in Arizona told police authorities in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba from US base, that he trusted an anonymous individual from the Saudi “Royal” family was the part of an effort to enroll him for the purpose of violent radical acts before the 9/11 attack in 2001, assaults, as per a recently released transcript.


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Ghassan  Abdallah al-Sharbiadded, “A religious figure in Saudi Arabia utilized the expression “your highness” in a telephonic conversation help with an unknown man, just before asking Al-Sharbi to come back to the US and participate in a plot against the US that would include figuring out how to fly the plane.


11th September inspection agencies found that there was no proof to show that the Saudi government as an establishment or Saudi senior authorities independently had bolstered this attack. On the other hand, the government official has reliably denied their role in the plot. It was mid-2001, and al-Sharbi had just come back from the US, where he had taken some flight school courses with two men in Phoenix, who might get to be thieves in the 2001’s 9/11 attack.

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