Second Poster of Kahaani 2 Ups The Intrigue Quotient

Since the second poster of Kahaani 2 is released, Vidya Balan seems totally opposite as compared to the first poster. While the first poster represents Vidya to play the role of Durga Rani Singh who is accused as a wanted criminal for kidnapping and murder charges. On the other hand, the poster represents Vidya smiling and holding a cute little girl really close to her heart.

Credit: timesofindia
Credit: timesofindia

Now, the both the posters are confusing fans to decide what role will Vidya play in the sequel of Kahaani 2. Is she going to kidnap and murder the little girl that she carrying in the second poster? All these questions must be wondering in your mind. If you are willing to get answers to these questions, you need to wait till the trailer comes out.

But, its sure the actor-director i.e; Vidya Balan and Sujoy Ghosh Jodi will again bring excitement to the fans same as in the original movie. Let’s find out, whether Kahaani 2 will repeat history or not.

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