Why Shiv Sena’s President Uddhav Thackeray apologizes for a cartoon Character

On Saturday Uddhav Thackeray, president of Shiv Sena apologized for publishing a cartoon character in “Saamana” implying the Maratha mobilizes that had initiated a complex controversy, and made party to draw ire for the community, political party, and an assault on an office of the daily paper. The cartoon that initiate this controversy has displayed in the last Sunday’s release of Sena mouht piece and evidently alluded to the “silent marches” being taken out everywhere throughout the state by the Maratha people group to press for their requests in the field of education and job.

“At present, the contention over the cartoon character may have subsided, however my heart is still feels bad for what happens. I am profoundly harmed as a Shiv Sainik can never mortify a woman, whom we venerate. I am appreciative to the general people who did not give their trust access to the Sena just because of this controversy that had been produced,” added by Thackeray to the media personals.


“As president of Shiv Sena and editor of ‘Saamana’, I apologise to all mothers and sisters, who may have been inadvertently hurt by the cartoon. But, the cartoon never intended to disrespect anybody,” he said.

“Being a party representative and manager of ‘Saamana’, I am apologizing to all sisters and mothers, whose sentiments have been unintentionally harmed by this cartoon character. Yet, the cartoon never planned to irreverence anyone,” he said. Well, we hope these statements really means to president of Shiv Sena.

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