Shocking Facts About 10 Countries You Did Not Know

The World is a small place, especially now that it’s the Globalization era! Everything is small and compact, and almost all the mysteries of the world have been solved (Almost!).

Doesn’t matter what kind of Global-genius you are, wait till you hear this, I’m pretty sure you’d change your definition about yourself.

#1:- Nauru, The Fat Country!

 Nauru, The Fat Country
Nauru, The Fat Country

Well, I mean “literally” it’s the FAT country of the world. Over 90% of the countries population is hit by the “obesity epidemic”. So it’s a “rare miracle” (A miracle is rare in itself, but even then it’s a “rare miracle” so I think you can understand how rare it is) to spot a guy who’s “normal” or slim in the country.

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Reports say that this is due to the fact that the country’s “main diet” primarily consists of Western Fast Foods! And Fast Foods? When consumed as “primary” diet are more than capable to do this to a whole nation!

#2:- Guam:- The Coral Planet!

Guam The Coral Planet
Guam The Coral Planet

It’s famously called the Coral planet because the country doesn’t know what “natural sand” looks like, instead, it’s beaches and every other place where “sand” could be found, is covered in natural CORAL!

In fact coral is so abundant at the place that the country manufactures it’s “sand” by using asphalt and oil. And thus despite being the most “sand-deprived” nation on the planet, doesn’t import sand! (Ironical, huh?)

#3:- Falkland Islands:- Eat/Drink/Dream Sheep!

Falkland Islands

Nope, I don’t mean it they actually drink sheep, but what I mean to say is that the country has a thin population of just around 3000 people but guess what!

They’ve got over a million sheep on the island with them! Yeah, infact sheep are so abundant that they export a majority of the sheep stocks they hold! In theory, they’ve got 350 sheeps for EVERY human in the country!

So yeah that’s what I meant by saying that they Eat/Drink/Dream sheeps, that they’ve got enough for every purpose and even then they’d have a lot of sheeps left!

#4:-Maldives-The City That’ll Sink

Maldives The City

Maldives is one of the most visited tourist spots on the planet no doubts to that. The reason being it’s extreme scenic beauty, and it’s beaches and sea sight adds to that.

Beaches need seas and seas have water. And water? It sinks! Maldives is the lowest spot on this planet! I mean, the lowest nation in existence. So experts have predicted that with the current rate of rising in sea levels, the country is soon going to be under water, completely. (That’s scary, I know)

#4:- Mongolia:- The “No Neighbor” Country

Mongolia The No Neighbor Country

This is the one country which denies you any neighbors. Meaning it’s the most thinly populated country on the planet, with only 4 people per square meter.

So yeah if you got neighbors. Good luck finding them! Now how “thin” that metrically is? Let me tell you that the most densely populated country on the planet, that’s Hongkong has 340000 people per square meter! So yeah, getting the idea?

#5:-The Country Which Doesn’t Know What a River Looks Like:- Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia, is a big country isn’t it? A very big one! How does it sound if I say that the country doesn’t know what Rivers look like! Well yeah, that’s exactly the case. Saudi Arabia doesn’t have a single river flowing through it!

The fact that the country is 2.15million km(square) in size, kind of makes us wonder how does the country manage without water, or at least a river! But well, it does!

#6: 3Million LAKES Country:- Canada!

3Million LAKES Country Canada

Some countries don’t even have the kind of human population, as the number of Lakes in Canada is. Well yeah, you read the heading right, the country boasts as many as 3million lakes!

That amounts to more than 60% of “all” the lakes on the planet! For a country as small as Canada, it does make us wonder, where do the humans live!

#7:- The “Most Diverse Country”- India

The Most Diverse Country India

Just about any kind of diversity you can think of, be it linguistic, social, religious, cultural or anything! India has it all.

This country is home to the most diverse population on the planet. It boasts hundreds of different languages, around the same number of different religions, there’s even a high economic diversity.

So yeah, diversity? India is the new definition.

#8:- “Leave the Country” Nation:- Ukraine!

Leave the Country Nation Ukraine


Ukraine is the country which witnesses a 0.8% of the drop in it’s population every year! Well yeah, and it has been predicted that by around 2050, the nation would be almost a zombie nation, in the sense that there won’t be any people left over there.

So yeah, that’s where the tag comes from, every person in the country is eager to get out of it.

#9:- Smaller than Park Country:- Monaco

Smaller than Park Country Monaco

Ever been to Central Park in NYC? Well, what if I tell you that the country Monaco is smaller than that!

Yeah, it’s a country, a real-permanently inhibited country, and it’s still smaller than the NYC central park! I wonder how small the world has become, huh?

If you’re wondering why I haven’t compared it to Vatican city, which is the smallest nation on the planet, well that’s because Vatican City doesn’t have any permanent residents, but this country does!

#10:- I know Every Language Country:- New Guinea

I know Every Language Country New Guinea

Even though India is the most “diverse” country considering all the “diversity” factors, if you narrow it down only to the most “linguistically diverse” country, Guinea takes the title!

The country boasts as many as 820 different languages! And that amounts to around 12% of the total world languages combined!

So yeah, see? It seems you weren’t such a high-end Global genius as you thought you were, right? Keep tuned, more of these mysteries heading your way in our next pieces.