Six tips for Traveling with a Smartphone

Your phone could be your guide and resourceful travel buddy with a fantastic sense of directions to smoothen your traveling experience. But for that, you need to know all the hacks before stepping out for a journey.So here we present to you, ten tips you need to know for traveling with your smartphone.


1) Keep your phone out of plain view and be little extra conscious in the crowd.

If you are traveling through crowded places like airports, train stations, metro stations or simply a market. Be very aware. Don’t ever underestimate the power of thieves in those locations. Whatever you are doing on your phone or even if you are simply holding it in your hands; keep an eye on each and every person passing by you. You can use cross-body bags for keeping your phones inside it. Always keep a hand on your bag and double secure it with a key lock (yes! I am talking about the literal one).

2)  Be prepared for the worst case; of losing your Android

This may not seem to be very relevant to you but after going through this point, you are definitely going to be prepared for the worst.

Make sure your contacts, photos, and other data are backed up. This will save you from major heartbreak if in case you lose your phone.

Next, you need to add a secure password. It would be better if you shorten the auto-lock time and create alpha-numeric code instead.

Make sure you can remotely wipe your device. Enable Find My iPhone for iOS and Android Device Manager for Android phones before leaving for the trip/travel.

At last, you can use a service that backs up your pictures on travel every time you connect to wi-fi.  For an instance, you can download Google Photos, which is compatible with both; an iPhone or an Android.

With these little precautions, you can at least save your contacts, pictures, and other data in time of crises.

3)  Turn Data Roaming OFF


Actually, you must keep your data roaming OFF as far as it is not an emergency. Because Data roaming in ON mode can charge you insignificant fees which obviously you would not like to happen. So to avoid such last minute panic; do it right now.

4)  Save the areas you are going to visit via offline Google map

Saving the areas, you are going to visit via offline Google map is a clever move. Nowadays you just cannot trust anyone or everyone you meet on your way. Shitty people don’t have scrapped it onto their faces. They appear to be normal. Unless their brain starts malfunctioning and they start troubling other by thieving. So it is better to avoid any useless conversation with a stranger as far as possible. Beware and act clever is the only way you can win over such freaks.

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5)  Stay clear of public, non-secured wi-fi networks.

It may seem to be tempting to use free wi-fi. But many people don’t know such non-password protected wi-fi’s may have lurking dangers. Such are the tricks where hackers in the name of hotel create an elusive wi-fi where people fall prey and log in. And this is how non-secured wi-fi can be the major threat to you. So better, stay away!

6)  Invest in good, protective case. You won’t regret it later!

Yes! While traveling it is very crucial that you protect your phone’s metallic body so as to avoid any harm to your smartphone. Get something like rubbery that protects all the edges of your phone. Use tempered glass for protecting the screen of your smartphone. In case your phone smashes or falls; you won’t regret it later.

These were few tips you can consider if you are going for a traveling. You must take into account it for avoiding any harm to your smartphone. Thank you guys! For going through the post. I hope this has been useful to you. Stay tuned in for more such amazing posts.