Spiritual makeover! Bigg Boss 7 contestant Sofia Hayat is now Mother Sofia


Bigg Boss 7 member and model Sofia Hayat, who a year ago made news by posting a bare pic on her Twitter account, for dissenting against porn boycott in the nation, has now stunned everybody with her great move. Sofia has evidently transformed into Mother Sofia; her Instagram pics and status message affirms her changed viewpoint towards life. “I am mother of all. The earth was made when I talked the word. Om. I have awoken to spread reality. I am the living truth,” it peruses.

Sofia’s new life is about wearing no make up, being a veggie lover and sprucing up like a cloister adherent. She has additionally completed an Om tattoo on her brow separated from different religious tattoos. Mother Sofia has additionally shared some useful tidbits on her Instagram account.

“When you realize that the world is a figment for us to learn something, however has been invades by reptilian programming, you can begin to relinquish the ego..and the personality is everything that you think you are..clothes…makeup..job..personality..religion..your family..when you let go of all of this..then all that is left is affection and freedom..and that is the thing that you are. Namaste. Gaia Mother Sofia.” (sic)

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“It’s about you. You make this world. In knowing you are a maker. .you can then saddle your own particular personality to what you need in life. See..we have been deceived into supposing we are not all that good and powerful..but you are. Offspring of heavenly wellspring of me. Your time is at long last here. Simply discharge all negative programming. Your electric body has been modified for so long you think you are less. .be that as it may, quit “considering”, feel..from your heart. For the heart can discharge everything and bring you over the programming of the network. All of you know the programming. It’s that pessimism that you were not conceived with..you are adoration and dependably were maker divine beings loaded with bliss, affection and sympathy. How superb are you!!! Welcome yourself back. I adore you infinitely..because you never die..you are everlasting just like my heart and adoration for you. Namaste. Gaia Mother Sofia (sic)

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