Struggle Isn’t Over for The Iron Lady of India, Irom Sharmila’s Fights to Prove Herself as an Indian

Recognized as the face of the most popular movement in against of ASFPA, Armed Forces Special Powers Act, Irom Sharmila is struggling to overcome her identity crises as she doesn’t possess the set of required legal documents to prove herself the Indian citizen. The 44-year-old, India’s best-known rights activist broke her 16-year-old hunger strike to continue her campaign by contesting next year’s Manipur election to fight against the most controversial law protecting Army personnel from the incriminated against the most draconian criminal offenses including murder and rape charges.

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But, the Iron Lady of India has to struggle for establishing her citizenship first, despite any other thing. She doesn’t have a voter identity card, bank account, or permanent account number, which are considered as the necessary documents for one who is willing to be a people’s representative. As per the report, her colleagues have already begun the paperwork to get her all needed documents that help her to recognize herself as the citizen of India to let her contest 2017 Assembly Polls.

She has battled to scrap AFSPA since 2000 after the incident happened where 10 north-eastern state civilians were killed by security forces. In his 16-year’s long journey, she has faced the protest by locals’ even threats from militant groups, but her millions of supporters all across the world motivate her to continue her fight. Days after ending her epic hunger strike, Manipur’s Iron Lady has packed her bags to take a political plunge.

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With the decision of entering into the politics, the activist found herself lonely after getting the hostile response from the supporters. In spite of this, her determination to work for the people’s benefit didn’t let her decide to go down. She is encountering her attempt as the “new beginning” for the purpose of repealing the contentious AFSPA in the state.