What Sunny Leone Did After She Was Insulted On a National Television

In recent time, it has been witnessed that the news channels and media houses think that they have the supreme power to do anything. They can say anything and even insult anyone and that too they do in such a manner that they are the only one to decide what is right and what is wrong, in a recent incident the same thing happened with the Canadian pornstar turned actress Sunny Leone.


She was called up in an interview and continuously being harassed by the anchor. He jerk is BhupendraChaubey, a name whom very few know. I think he did a publicity stunt to make himself famous. Well as the interview start he attacked Sunny with very disrespecting manner and asked her many regressive and misogynistic question. I wonder how she continued with the interview, if you were there you might have walked out or slapped the man for asking such question. You can very well get the idea what actually he was doing by his one question which he asked to Sunny that is, tell one thing you regret the most, which according to you went wrong for you. Well Sunny very politely replied to the question and gave answer from her personal life, that she regretted she was unable to reach to her mother on time when she was dying. But this is something he don want to listen, so after few minutes he came back to his question.


Is the polite gesture of Sunny Leone that she didn’t reacted in a bad manner to thisinsult. Many question like this were thrown to her during the interview. This incidence led to think where are we heading? Is this the face of media and journalism of our country. A total shame for all of us.

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