Surprising Fact: Teenagers drink a bathtub of sugary drinks a year

As per a recent report, consumption of sugary drinks results in much greater weight gain as well as it increases risk of diseases including diabetes and cancers.The cancer report UK says that the teenagers in British consume sugary drinks equal to a bathtub on average in a year.

Credit: assets.tvm
Credit: assets.tvm

The report elaborates that children and teenagers between age group 10-18 consume three times more the sugar needed for our bodies.And sugary drinks have become their main source of additional sugar, and this makes up to 30% of their total intake.

It’s really shocking that teenagers drink a bathtub of sugary drinks in a year.according to previous studies, it has been revealed that consumption of sugary drinks results in greater weight gain as well as increase in body mass index. BMI stands for a risk because of which you are prone to some severe diseases.

The researchers recommended that the problem can only be tackled if the food taxes are minimised.The food taxes can control production and consumption of added sugar.
Also government needs to ban the junk food advertising on TV before 9pm.

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