Team India Ranks Number. 1 by ICC Ranking

With India acquiring number 1 position; Australia loses the throne as per the recent studies by ICC (International Cricket Council); India replaces Australia at number one slot after Sri Lanka crushed Australia by 3-0 on Wednesday test match.


India won the third match of test series against west Indies and thus improved ranking.India is at number one slot with 112points followed by Pakistan with 111points and Australia with 110 points.With a sparkling win by 237 runs in the third match; India is ahead with 2-0 in the fourth match.

Looking back at the records we know that, in the first match India won with 92runs  while the second test match was a draw. Nevertheless, this ultimate win for India is surely another surprising gift for Indian Team.

We congratulate Team India for this marvelous win over the chartbuster. May they win upcoming matches with their hard work and determination.
We hope they perform equally good in upcoming matches and win the tournament.

Thank you!
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