“The Last Two Years Have Been Most Difficult for Me Interact “Says Katrina Kaif

Recently, Katrina kaif interacts with the media for last two years, spoke and let out everything she had in her heart.She said that the last two years has been the most difficult year of her life not for professional but personal reasons.

Image Credit: ndtvimg.
Image Credit: ndtvimg

She couldn’t manage to live upto the expectations of her fans for last few movies. But according to her it is not at all disappointing for her. The reason behind her dismay and desolation was Ranbir Kapoor.Actually the duo dated each other but eventually broke up early this year.

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Recently, she joined face book and reached out to the masses and said, “you want your privacy, you feel, ‘What I have to say to the audience is I say to my films.’ It’s just the nature of me being little guarded. Now, I’m on it and I’ve realized that there is nothing that intrusive about it and it’s a lovely place to be,”.

She also says that she is fortunate enough to be on the top of success for last so many years and she doesn’t regret for not being able to maintain. It is all a part of life. And one must always feel it to know what it feels like.

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