The Top 4 Things to Do When Visiting San Jose

San Jose is an interesting tourist destination in its own right. Whether you are traveling there for business or leisure, you will definitely find something to enjoy in this great city. Located right in the middle of the Santa Clara valley, this city is surrounded by technology hubs and architectural landmarks that form part of its rich history. Check out this guide to help you find all the fun things to do in San Jose by Busy Tourist

Here are the top 4 things to do when you visit San Jose.

1. Stop by the Winchester Mystery House

If you enjoy thrilling experiences and puzzles then you will love touring the Winchester mystery house. Built-in 1884 by William Winchester’s widow and heiress to the Winchester rifle fortune, Sarah Winchester; this home is still an architectural wonder and a historical landmark to date. 

Shortly after Sarah’s husband died, she is said to have relocated from New Haven CT to San Jose California where she bought an eight roomed farmhouse and began the longest home renovation which lasted thirty-eight years. 

Sarah believed that the house was haunted by the ghosts of all those who were felled by the Winchester rifle and this made her construct a house without any instructions from an architect. During your visit to the Winchester mystery home, you will enjoy several peculiarities including stairways and doors that lead to nowhere. 

The house has 40 bedrooms but you will notice that there is only one functional bathroom. Sarah believed that by doing this, she would confuse the spirits.  These mysteries are what have attracted more than 12 million guests to visit this mystery house since the doors opened in 1923. Be sure to arrive at least 30 minutes early so that you can find parking. 

2. Visit a Tech Museum

The computer history museum in Mountain View California has an interesting gallery of artifacts and information that shows the history of the computing revolution and how computers have impacted society. This museum offers workshops and tours for everyone who is interested in historical concepts related to hardware and software. You will definitely be inspired to make the world better once you leave this historic place. 

3. Smell the Roses at the Heritage Rose Garden

The beautiful and tranquil Heritage Rose Garden will be a delight to admire and to smell. At this garden, you will get to see over 3,600 rose bushes that represent more than 2,700 varieties of roses. Most of these varieties originated in Europe but some were sourced from old homes, cemeteries and even along the dirt roads. Entry into the garden is free but a donation is always appreciated. 

4. Your Visit Is Not Complete Until You Visit the Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph

If you have an eye for architecture then you will want to set some time to visit the Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph, a roman catholic church situated in downtown San Jose. Built-in 1803, the original church was relatively small and was constructed to benefit the settlers. In the 19th century, however, earthquakes and fires damaged the original adobe and the final magnificent building that sits there today is actually the fifth reincarnation which is beautiful both inside and outside. The stained glass windows and the enchanted domes are probably the most beautiful things you will see during your visit.