The Truth About Working With Spy Phone App

How’s it like to work with a spy phone app? I mean from an entrepreneurs point of view. Is this approach beneficial to overall performance? How manageable are the teams? Ho can benefit from a phone monitoring program?The answer to these and other questions can be found below. I even divided the article into team-specific segments to highlight the most important aspects.


I implemented the phone tracker into my sales department a few years ago. They were my experimental team. And guess what? Their performance grew by the whooping 78!How’d that happen? Well, I informed my team that since this day all of their actions are recorded, logged and easily traceable. They suddenly stopped using Facebook and random internet browsing like by magic. Work was their only focus.

That, my friends, isn’t the only benefit.  I got access to their communications with prospects and leads. We could analyze the approaches and practices that work best together. After that, we have established a sales flow that converts 7 out of 10 leads into opportunities, and we get 5 clients out of them. We get 5 clients out of 10 leads.That’s a 50% conversion – can you boast with the same? I doubt it, here is spy phone app download on


The tech guys needed additional guidance. No one in the company (we are not a tech company) know what they are doing, so control and management over the IT division were a real pain.  While I can’t still figure out the code aspect, I know that search requests like “funny cat memes” and a browser history filled with Buzz stream and 9Gag have no relation to tech and development.

A few fines, several talks and a series of overall personnel management efforts and I now have a well performing IT crew that’s both responsible for what they code and does great work without wasting any time.

Other Departments

Basically all other departments are a mixture of sales and IT. I know what they are doing and they started wasting less time. The productivity of the company skyrocketed. My team of three people does the same job my competitors require seven experts to accomplish. I’ve done my homework and research. I know how things are behind the fence of my company.And I know I outshone every player in the field!


Tracker apps are ridiculously inexpensive. Probably because few businesses are still aware of their capabilities. That noted. You should get one while you still have the chance.

PS: with a yearly plan you will save even more. 60% to be precise if compared with the average monthly rate. The tracker works for Android, Mac and Windows and should basically cover every tech need a business may have (

Neat right?

If I were in your shoes, I’d give the tracker a try. But then again – I already know it works from experience. How about you? Why don’t you give the trial a shot, measure the data and get back here with feedback?

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