Here is the time when you need to show extra love for your skin!

To get not affected by festivities and harsh weather, our skin needs a little extra care to glow like a diva.With a dip in temperature, our skin problems become extra soar in winters.So, ladies! All you need to do is pay a little attention to your skin and keep glowing in winters.Here is a list you need to check to overcome winter agonies.


– Dehydration: Even in winters your body needs a great amount of water to stay hydrated. If your skin looks patchy and appears fine lines then it is a sign that your body needs to be hydrated more often. you can opt for white tea skin treatment as it has antioxidant properties which helps you restore the vital moisture content and nourishment.

– Sensitivity: Redness and inflammation are usual symptoms we experience in winters because of the sensitivity which occurs due to the sudden change in temperature and weather conditions. Keep your skin moisturised to avoid sensitivity.

– dead and sallow skin: In winters your skin is most likely to lose lustre and appear lifeless. Since the skin’s acid mantle is affected and that is why the skin loses its moisture, oil imbalance gets disturbed and appears lifeless.You can massage your skin with nourishing oil like Argan Oil before sleeping as a solution.– Cracked feet: cracked feet is the most common problem faced during winters. The superficial or deep fissures on the heels make thr feel very rough. And they look equally ugly. Walking bare feet is a big No-No. And keep moisturizing your feet to avoid cracks. And dont forget to wear socks before going to bed.

I hope you liked our suggestions. You can try these natural and easy skin care hacks for the amazing benefits to your skin.
Thank you. Stay tuned in for more!

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