Top Instagram Updates You Need to Know in 2017

Instagram has gained a lot of success in the past few years. It is because of its many followers that Instagram is now one of the most used applications in the entire world. Whether it’s about uploading pictures or marketing brands, Instagram has provided all kinds of benefits to their users. Since Instagram is being used by millions and millions of people, it comes up with a new and interesting update every year or even month sometimes, Following are the top 10 Instagram updates you need to know in 2017:

#1 Direct Messages:

Just like facebook, twitter and many other social media applications, now Instagram also has the direct message option. In case you need to discuss something in private with your friends/followers on Instagram, this update is just perfect. This is also used for marketing. If you want to buy something online, you can direct message that accounts admin and discusses the details with them.

#2 Instagram Stories:

The impact that SnapChat stories have created for many users is the reason why every social media application including Instagram is updating for stories. Instagram stories are a great way to tell your followers what you do all day. People are always interested in what you’re doing, which is why these stories can be very effective if used.

#3 Multiple photos Uploads:

This is another amazing update by Instagram. Imagine you’re at a party and you and your friends take multiple photos, wouldn’t you want to upload them all together instead of uploading ten different pictures? This is where this multiple photo update comes along. You can upload more than one pictures in one upload.

#4 Shoppable Posts:

This shoppable post feature is very useful for people who like to shop online. This update makes it easier to find out the prices and details of items you want to buy simply by tapping the image. Many brands and companies have opted for this update and using it for their marketing. So now you will never have to spend a lot of time into looking for a specific dress that you liked a long time ago, now you can use this update.   

#5 Face Filters:

Once again, SnapChat addiction is making people go crazy which is why now Instagram also has updated into face filters! You can use different fun filters and apply them on your faces and then upload those pictures to your account!

#6 Swipe up links:

This update is perfect for marketers or people who have a business on Instagram. You can use swipe up links in your Instagram stories and ask your followers to swipe up to find the link to your product. In the past, people were only allowed to mention links in their bio, but now you can mention your latest links in whichever post you like!

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#7 Archive posts:

As an Instagrammer, you know what it’s like to not get a lot of engagement on your posts, so you delete them and that post is gone forever, but now Instagram has introduced this new archive posts feature that helps you save your photos or videos just to yourself! This is a great way to save up all your posts that you’ve put effort into and then post them later at a better time.  

#8 Getting more followers:

Now you can even get followers on Instagram through buying them online. You can use services like Vibbi to gain followers on Instagram fast.  

#9 Instagram Live:

For famous Instagrammers, this update is perfect, and they can go live whenever they want and entertain their fans. They can hold a Q and A session if they like. Their followers can engage with them by commenting live and interacting with them.

#10 Boomerang videos:

With all the other entertaining features, the boomerang is one of my favourites. This feature/tool is perfect for entertainment; it is a video that repeats and looks fun to look it! You can entertain yourself and make a lot of videos to have fun with your fans.

#11 Instagram lead ads:

Facebook lead ads were a huge success for many marketers, and they were designed to make filling out lead forms very simple. Now Instagram also has this feature. All you need to do is select as placement on your campaign. Users just need to click through several pages to open the ad and fill out the form.

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