Top Valentine’s Day Ideas for Boyfriend to Make Him Feel Special

With the advent of February, arrives the season of love, affection, and affectation. The mid of February, the 14th, marks the Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine. There are different myths and stories related to this day, the most common of which is the story of a Roman Priest, St. Valentine, who had to face imprisonment because he married soldiers exempt of that basic human right due to political and social issues. Today, the day of love is a worldwide phenomenon, providing people with the opportunity to express the vivacity of their pure emotions to their partners, crushes, spouse, or even a friend or a family member as a token of love. Here we give some Valentine’s Day ideas for boyfriend.

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  • The luxury-loving Boyfriend

This is a common category in which your guy may fall into. Chances are he owns an iPhone, a Mac Book, or the latest Xbox that has hit the market. So keeping all of this in perspective, if you can spare the cash, the latest Apple product would be a hit with him and might even score you the best girlfriend award if one existed. It doesn’t have to be something so expensive that you have to save up for a year; it can be as simple as a pair of beats by dr dre. Headphones for him to listen to his favorite playlists, especially the songs that you two have romantic reminiscences with. In fact, if he plays video games in his free time, why not update his old beaten up PlayStation for a new one, which is surely to win you a thankful hug or two. These Valentine’s Day ideas for boyfriend while a tad bit materialistic are certainly substantial enough.

  • The Romantic Boyfriend

The Romantic Boyfriend
The Romantic Boyfriend

Then there are the guys who covet old country music and handwritten letters or Valentine’s Day quotes for friends. These can be all time great cheap Valentine’s Day ideas. To your romance-loving boyfriend, a day especially spared for him may be one of the best presents you can give. These Valentine’s Day ideas for boyfriend include thrifty Dishy and handmade cards, the effort put into making which will always moves his heart with the warmth of your love. If he’s a sucker for art, print out some of the shots taken by his favorite photographers, and frame them for him to hang on his bedroom wall, surely to remind him of you whenever he looks at them. Another cute idea would be to leave post-its for him in sneaky places, for example stuck to the root of his car, or taped around his favorite toothbrush. In your handwriting, write one thing you love about him on each, which will make him smile whenever he finds one of your love notes. Talking about love notes, a long love letter is one of the most beautiful Valentine’s Day gifts for him you can present him with on this special day.

  • The Foodie Boyfriend

The Foodie Boyfriend
The Foodie Boyfriend

Who doesn’t remember their grandma saying that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? Now, that clearly doesn’t mean that you should give him indigestion. But baking something especially for him, taking time out in your busy schedule, will be one of the most beautiful ways to deliver your sentiments. So this valentine’s day, brush up your gourmet skills, look out for any cute little recipes that pop up in your favorite cheesy magazines, carefully cut them out and there you go, ready made Valentine’s Day ideas for boyfriend. If you can spare the effort, resources, and time, it would mean a million to him when you prepare a classy dinner, sizzling steaks or juicy seafood, something rich like molten lava cakes for dessert, and pair this setting with your finest collection vintage wine. The only accessory remaining would be a silk tablecloth and fresh rose petals for the accents. If you can’t, or you’re stoked for time, why not bake him a batch of red velvet cheesecake brownies, or just whip up the ever-cute mocha truffles or chocolate covered strawberries. You will never go wrong with this.

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  • The Simple Boyfriend

If you are one of the few women blessed with an easy-going partner, then this is your day. Chances are, even the smallest of efforts form you will earn you great rewards. Why not knit him a sweater, each thread strengthened with the strength of your love, or sew some romantic symbols from your past onto a handkerchief especially for him? Make him his favorite meal for breakfast or reserve a window table at your favorite cozy restaurant; all of this will go a long way. Incidentally, if your guy happens to be a bookworm, score sites like Etsy and EBay for old, rusty, vintage editions of his favorite books. Or get him the trilogy he has always wanted to read; there would be nothing better to him.

  • The Hard to satisfy Boyfriend

The Hard to satisfy Boyfriend
The Hard to satisfy Boyfriend

There have to be a million Valentine’s Day ideas for boyfriend, but there are some very hard to shop for men, who either will not like what you picked out or they will just stow it away in some drawer, only to be eaten at by moths. In this case, it is best if you let them choose their present; after all there are people who absolutely detest surprises no matter how exciting the Valentine’s Day gifts are. So take him shopping, treat him to a romantic meal, or secure a gift certificate at his favorite sports gear shop. And if he’s not athletic, try printing out your favorite images together into a frame, or even on a coffee mug, so that while he sips his morning coffee, he can be reminded of the enormous love you have for him in your heart of hearts.

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Whilst making all these preparations, do not get carried away, after all it is your day, a day meant for you two to celebrate together. So there’s no point of an expensive present if you can’t take the day off from work and he has to spend Valentine’s Day alone. Make arrangements beforehand,dress up, and just spend quality time with him, for it is you he loves.