Top Valentine’s Day Ideas for Her – Crown Yourself as the Most Caring Hubby

It is that time of the year again when you express your love for that special someone in your life and I am sure you are busy scouting around for Valentine’s Day ideas for her. No matter how much you show your love for her throughout the year, your girl would definitely want to be told again on Valentine’s Day, how much she means to you. Whether you are teenagers with a massive crush on each other, youth in the first flush of love, a newly married couple discovering each other or in the twilight years of your relationship, Valentine’s Day has a special significance in everyone’s life.Your girl would like to feel special and cherished.

Top Valentine’s Day Ideas for Her
Top Valentine’s Day Ideas for Her

This Valentine’s Day, spare some time and thought on how to make it the most memorable day for your Valentine. Here are a few ideas to help you make it unforgettable.

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Start it Special

Don’t waste a single moment of this precious day. Begin by waking up earlier than her and preparing a surprise breakfast in bed. Conjure up a simple, yet delectable breakfast and serve the steaming hot coffee with a shower of love and kisses. Give her space to savor the morning calm with her favorite newspaper and music. Do the chores she normally does every morning. If you have children, pack them off to school or to some helpful soul’s house for the day. Concentrate the whole day on making your girl feel extra special. Make her every wish your command.

Top Valentine’s Day Ideas for Her
Top Valentine’s Day Ideas for Her

Run up a warm bubble bath with some invigorating bath salts and gel in her favorite aroma. They are available in a number of choices – vanilla, lavender, lemon, rose – the possibilities are many. Join her for a leisurely soak in the tub and build up an erotic lather – who knows how the bath will end? I leave it to your imagination and will.

Treasure Hunt

On this special day, do not do anything mundane. Plan a treasure hunt to give her any gifts you want for her. Place all the gifts you have got her in different areas of the house and plant fun clues for her to get to them. Think of innovative ways and places to lay the treasure.

The perfect gift – is there such a thing?

The big question comes – what to gift her on Valentine’s Day? Ideas for gifts are available everywhere. Shops, malls, and every outlet plan special sales for Valentine’s Day. Large amounts of specially designed merchandise make it one of the most lucrative times to shop. Every online shopping portal also announces unique gifting ideas for Valentine’s Day. So what does one give his beloved on such a special day?

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  • You could try traditional gifts like flowers, chocolates, and jewelry.
  • Diamonds are an all-time favorite gift and considered a girl’s best friend. This is one Valentine’s Day idea for her you cannot go wrong with.
  • Flowers, though short lived, give a feeling of wellness that few other gifts give.
  • Valentine’s Day gifting options are many – you could choose perfumes, make-up kits, and cosmetics too.
  • You could also opt for items for her wardrobe like clothes, shoes, belts, and other accessories. This is, however, a bit risky. You have to be sure of her size and her choice. One can also go wrong in picking what seems a perfect Valentine’s Day idea, only to have it turn out horribly wrong if it is an out of fashion design or something that she doesn’t like. If apparel is on your mind as a gifting idea for Valentine’s Day, it is safer to give her a gift coupon from her favorite store.
  • Gifts for the home, appliances, furnishings, cute little cushions, ridiculously huge stuffed toys – the list is endless.
  • You could also win her undying affection by booking her a for complete spa treatment where she can be pampered silly.

From the Hand to the Heart

Top Valentine’s Day Ideas for Her
Top Valentine’s Day Ideas for Her

However, Valentine’s Day gifting ideas that will really win her over are those that are specially made for her. A hand-made card with some unique and heart felt words expressing your love for your girl, will really melt her heart and make her day. You could try your hand at pottery, ikebana, batik, and painting which makes it a one of a kind gifting idea. If you are a mean hand at carpentry, try making her a small jewelry cabinet in which she can store her knickknacks and curios.

Up, up and away

While planning Valentine’s Day ideas for her, think of taking her on a holiday to some exotic location – just the two of you, away from the world. If exotic is not on your budget, plan a day away from home – a trek in the nearby hill station, a leisurely day at the beach, even a room in the nearby resort – any place where you can concentrate on expressing your love for her. Take her out to a movie – one which she has been pestering you watch, maybe something you wouldn’t willingly go to otherwise – a romantic comedy or a tear jerker which she loves. The inconvenience you face is nothing when you hear her purr of delight and satisfaction. She will look at you with new eyes and in future would reward you with the same such consideration. Who knows, she might accompany you to your favorite game too.

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A Gillies Day out

Maybe one of the most unusual Valentine’s Day ideas for her would be giving her time with her bestirs. Take care of the children and give her quality time off. Gang up with your mates and give the girls time to themselves. A lunch together or a day at the spa would give them a time to catch up with their gossip and giggles.

A Candlelight Dinner on a Moonlight Night

After a whole day of fun, relaxation, and companionship, which is usually the casualty of a busy life, you can finish the special day with a Valentine’s Day idea for her which is a tried and tested one. Take her out for a romantic candle light dinner in her favorite restaurant. Woo her with wine and song. Dance with her like there’s no tomorrow and like there is none in the world more important than her.