Top Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him for an Everlasting Reminiscence

Valentine’s Day 2017 is the ideal opportunity to rekindle one’s love and reignite it with passion, love, and camaraderie. Warm the heart your husband or boyfriend on this special day to make your relationship stronger and more trusting. Every day is a love day for a loving couple but it can be made just perfect with innovative and passionate Valentine’s Day ideas for him.

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him
Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him

Celebrate this special day with your special one by showing him your undying love with a perfectly planned surprise. While he may toil the yearlong to make you feel special, this one day is your chance to make him feel the same and in style!

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Book of Love

Make a Love Scrapbook for your significant other about your life. Add different colors, your favorite photographs and time spent together, write about how you first met, what you thought about him at that time, how much you love him, and your plans for the future. Write in it “Why you love him?”, about his qualities, and his small habits which your are entirely in love with, like him holding your hand while crossing the street, like him kissing your forehead or many such small details. Out of all the Valentine’s Day ideas for him, this one is bound to attract an overwhelming emotional reaction from him.

Don’t save. Spend!

It is not the amount of money you invest in a gift but the amount of time you invest in it and with the passion you make it, matters the most. It is true that money can’t buy happiness, but if that’s something needed to buy his favorite item from the bucket list, go ahead. There are also a lot of good Valentine’s Day gifts in the market to choose from.

Sometimes a well cooked dinner, a bottle of wine, and aromatic candles do the trick while at other time a fun ride in the amusement park lights the sparkle. It is all about the right choices and knowing your husband or boyfriend well. So Valentine’s Day ideas for him can be very simple. You just have to give it a subtle thought!

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him
Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him

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Treasure Hunt

Men are more Adrenalin seekers than women (generally). So, this Valentine, take your husband on a treasure hunt in your backyard where you have hidden the clues and the small treasures or around the town, whichever is more preferable to you. Remember to make it more exciting by writing the clues in riddles, by making each gift in the hunt special like a basket filled with beer bottles or a gift voucher of his favorite brand. This is one of the cute Valentine’s Day ideas that he is sure to love. All these small details will make the hunt more pleasurable and your bonding will be strengthened. To make it special, make the last clue a list of the activities which are waiting to be done back at home or any other thing you have planned for him.

Surprise! Surprise!

A sweet surprise is a beautiful way to start your romance filled day. Plan a surprise getaway for this Valentine’s Day with your better half. Whether it is a hike, a dinner out or a ride to the amusement park, the choice is all yours. Know your husband’s preferences and take him out to the place he likes, dress up in the color he likes on you and compliment him on his best attributes. You can also reinvent your first day and do all the things you did on your first date. This will not only make your love strong but spice it up too. As women like to hear compliments, so do men! Don’t be shy to tell him how amazingly crazy are you about him.

Kiss me please!

Kiss me please!
Kiss me please!

A kiss is the right way to express all your emotions and all your feelings. If you think that after years of relationship, this subtle touch loses its charm, then you are wrong. The way you kiss, says it all. To make that kiss even more special on this Valentine’s Day, make 10-15 chits and write and describe every type of kiss you can think of. Place this in a bag and gift it to your husband or boyfriend. Whichever chit he picks, treat him with that kind of kiss. Think of more Valentine’s Day ideas for him with new things to write on the chits along with the kisses.

Bonded by Love

If your husband or partner is miles apart on this special day from you, don’t be disappointed because you can make it special for him and yourself. Text him an unexpected message of your love for him and email him a really long love mail, telling him why he is so important to you and why he matters? If you can send him a package of gifts which he loves, pack everything in red and hearts. If not possible, send him a video of your life together with romantic music. Skype chat with him and dance for him on Skype. I am sure this will make him the happiest man on earth.


Make your husband blush which will make your day by his cute face and his day by realizing that you love him so much that you have done so much for him. Men don’t blush very often but when they do, it’s a cute sight you can’t miss! One of the ways you can do that is by getting his favorite tattoo on yourself. It takes some serious love to accomplish this.

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I Love You!

Not very innovative but sometimes “I love you” can do the trick. Cook him a grand dinner, decorate it nicely on the table, and light up the candles. Dress nicely and provocatively for him and bring his favorite book or favorite movie to watch together. Share his interests for the day and he will feel loved and will love you to no extent. If you can spend some of your savings, take him to a romantic vacation and execute the above idea.

It’s his day!

Treat Valentine’s Day as his special day. Let the whole world, every small thing revolve around him. Fill the fridge with his favorite beers and drinks, buy tickets to the game show he wanted to go, buy him the video games he had wanted, watch his favorite action or thriller movie with him and get kinky in his style. I am sure he will remember it for years to come.

Valentine’s Day is a day of love so make it special by executing these Valentine’s Day ideas for him. All these ideas will make him feel loved and your relationship will remain strong for years to come. It is time to get busy!