Transgender Modeling Dreams: From Geeky Boy to Glamorous Girl

It’s ok to be different.

 Transgender Modeling Dreams: From Geeky Boy to Glamorous Girl

This is something which our society needs to understand and value about different human beings. Well, god created you as a boy or girl but one may choose to act as a opposite sex person out of one’s own free will. This is what we want to explain in this article about how a boy converts into a girl following his liking to be a woman and was respected by his family members and is now pursuing modeling.

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Click on the link below “Transgender Modeling Dreams: From Geeky Boy to Glamorous Girl” to know about Brandon Morrison getting himself converted to Brittney Kade.

Brandon Morrison was a nerd in school and was bullied by his classmates for him being different in his tastes and likings. He was beaten up and tormented by his classmates – to the point where he was too depressed and terrified to return to school. But then he transformed himself into glamorous woman Brittney Kade. She takes life as a new beginning and wants to pursue her modeling career.

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We have developed as a country so much so let’s match this pace with our thinking as well. Tag and share this videos with people to create awareness and make it a eye opener for people that if Brandon could do it, anyone can. We wish Brittney all the best for her modeling career. Please share your valuable comments in the reply section below.

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