Twinkle Khanna Trolled by Her Princess Nitara in the Cutest Way

Superstar Akshay Kumar and beautiful Twinkle’s daughter Nitara seems to be grown enough to troll her mother.She is mature enough to understand the meaning of her mother’s name and pass a hilarious comment on it.Well, this is what you call parents effect on children.She is cute, insane and naughty just like her mom Twinkle Khanna.


Twinkle Khanna posted something on social media; after reading this we jus cannot stop laughing so hard till our stomach hurts.She posted, “Getting trolled by the baby about my name-‘Twinkle Twinkle If you are a little star Why don’t you live in the sky’Good grief.”Well, this is so god damn cute!Isn’t it?Nitara is her dad’s little princess and mom’s baby doll.

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And such an innocent trolled would have made her parents laugh, that too very hard.
Her wits and sense of humour are commendable. She is a very naughty girl. No doubt, this is the reason why we all love her so much.

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