Unverified News Shared on Facebook Raises Credibility Issues

Facebook is presently facing a credibility crisis over the serious issue of fake news and how it had derailed impact on the recent U.S. presidential election results.Reportedly, fake news shared on fb had a higher engagement.Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has finally brought out an action plan to deal with the issue.

But the four students already developed a handy solution to the problem.And the solution makes sure to weed out the root issue..FiB is a Chrome extension that basically help point out which news files are fake and which are not.And in case they are found to be fake, they get tagged as ‘Not verified’.

FiB was developed by Nabanita De (University of Massachusetts, master’s)  Anant Goel ( Purdue University, first year) and Mark Craft and Qinglin Chen, who are students at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.The students got “Best Moonshot” award by Google for their incredible work.FiB is available as an open source project everywhere.
Surprisingly, the students took over a day and a half to build this.FiB is available on chrome browser via chrome web store.

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