Use of Natural oil Jabs for Building Muscles can be Harmful

As per a latest study, the use of natural oil jabs for muscle gain can be very harmful for you. Steroid is another very famous and widely used bodybuilding compound. Similarly, natural oils such as sesame oil, walnut oils and paraffin wax can also be used for the same.But something what we don’t know is that injection of natural oils can be severely damaging to your body.Gym-freaks need to take a note!

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Recently, doctors warned after an indian doctor reported a serious complication faces by the amateur bodybuilder in the UK.
The 25 years old visited doctor after he felt pain and loss of function I his right arm for several months. An ultrasound report suggested  a rupture in his triceps – which is a very rare condition to be witnessed at such an early age.

He admitted that he used to get coconut oil injected and other concerning practises for improving his muscles building.  These practises resulted in a much serious situation including infections, and a range of conditions, some of which might require surgery to repair the ruptured muscles.
Eventually, his arm surgery was successful.

Desire to achieve a perfect body sometimes become so pronounced that we never think before selecting what’s right and what’s wrong to achieve that. Here, the doctors warn you to choose wisely and never go for natural oil jabs injection.

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