Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him: How to Surprise a Guy on the 14th Day of February

Valentines is popularly known as the “Month for the Couples”. In this month of love, the couples show their real passion towards each other and this makes a perfect harmony for them. The love for each other arouses more as the month of February approaches closer.

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There’s a higher percentage of men who usually make more effort throughout the Valentine’s week. Normally, men are more meticulous in choosing the right present for the woman by giving exquisite Valentine’s Day gifts (e.g. bouquet of flowers, chocolates, cuddly bears, expensive jewelries, etc) and planning big surprises for their partners (e.g. amazing tour dates, extravagant dinner date in a fancy restaurant, etc). These aspects that men prepare for women make it a biggest challenge for the former to surprise the latter.

Valentine's Day Ideas for Him

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him

When thinking about the Valentine’s Day ideas for him, a number of factors should be considered. Some of them are:

  1. Knowing what interests him would really amaze him – As a partner, you would be familiar of the things that your boyfriend or husband really loves to do. Making a guy be stirred upon things that interest him would somehow give an unexpected amusement!
  • Most of the men love sports or watching their favorite team playing on T.V. or live. This is the time to enjoy a live football or basketball game and support the partner for his leisure.
  • If a boyfriend or husband is a music lover, one can give him a CD album of his favorite band or artist (it would be even better if it has a signature of the artist). This would definitely be a great surprise for him and also one of the cheap Valentine’s Day ideas that are wallet-friendly.
  • If the guy is fond of fishing, you might give him a fancy fishing rod, having a red heart shape on its bait.

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  1. Knowing what food he likes – Everybody loves eating, but for a guy who loves to eat or is fond of eating, here is one of the best Valentine’s Day ideas for him that his lover could give him. It has been rightly said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Cooking can help in strengthening the bond and you can always win his heart through some yummy dishes.
Knowing what food he likes
Knowing what food he likes
  • If one knows how to cook, then the best way to surprise the lover is to give a delightful dish he will surely love. Being clued up with his favorite dish will make a man feel the savior of the woman’s intimate love for him.
  • One can also reflect with the boyfriend or husband’s sweetness by offering him sweet chocolates and other pastries. The guy would surely appreciate it if the lover makes it by herself.
  1. Get drunk with love – There are many beverages that one can enjoy. There are these alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that one might be interested too. Mostly, men love to drink beers and wines. If a guy loves a variety of alcoholic drinks, what the partner can give to him is a basket full of wines and beers that will surely arouse the high spirit of man’s endeavors.

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  1. Gadgets on budgets – If one observes that her boyfriend or husband is much of a “tetchy,” a good thing to surprise the partner is to buy him a gadget that is valuable in his everyday work. If your husband is working at the office, you can buy him a newly-branded laptop or notebook having some Valentine’s Day quotes on it. Being wise is nice!
Valentine's Day Ideas for Him
Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him

These are just some of the best Valentine’s Day ideas for him. What truly matters is how each couple would celebrate it with other and the love which they have in their hearts for each other. Do not forget to spend time with your hubby as that is amid the best romantic Valentine’s Day ideas for him you could afford.