Ways to improve your social media presence

Building a great social media presence will help you to grow your business and provide a platform for you to generate leads. This will give you a wider following and more engagement with your customers. Building an online presence on social media requires you to create a trustworthy voice and establish yourself as an authority in your field so as to attract customers to your business. There are different and effective strategies you can use to build and sustain a strong market presence.

These points can help you improve your social media presence and build strong and lasting relationships online.

Identify your audience

You need to find out your target audience so that you can know how to brand your products to suit their needs. Before you post anything on your social media pages, make sure you are familiar with the workings of every site, identify your goals and objectives, and know your target audience. Do research and keep yourself updated on things that concern your field to make your content unique and engaging. The credibility of your content will make more followers see you as a go-to professional in your field. 

Update your social media accounts 

Update your social media accounts

If you have many social media accounts, you need to decide which one to use then delete the rest to avoid confusing your readers. Make sure that all the information in the account profiles you’ll be using is fully completed and accurate to help build traffic to your page. Remove or delete any questionable posts from the past that doesn’t reflect positively on your professional profile.

Let your audience know you’re human

One of the mistakes most people make on social media is coming off as aloof and unapproachable. Nowadays, people like businesses that are transparent and interactive. Have frequent interactions with your customers on your social media accounts on a personal level to show them that you’re approachable. By responding to comments posted by your customers, they feel connected to you and your brand. Many brands are now treating their customers as friends and even cracking jokes with them for a better-personalized experience.

Engage your audience regularly

Building a strong brand takes a lot of effort and time. Treat it like a job where you post engaging content on your page. Post regularly and post relevant content that caters to your audience needs. You can focus on one or two social media accounts that have a huge target audience and post regularly to keep your audience active and updated.

Build relationships and not just followers

social media followers

Having a huge following is very important when it comes to building a credible social media presence. You can buy 50 instagram followers every week to strengthen your brand presence. However, it’s not all about gaining many followers, you also have to build lasting relationships with your customers. You can do this by responding to comments and questions on your account page, like and retweet on other peoples’ pages and leave a comment, respond when people share your content, and mention the people you reference in your posts.

Optimize your accounts

Optimizing simply means using keywords that identify with your business. Research on what your target audience mostly search for on Google that is related to your niche. Then use those keywords in your posts to boost your SEO rankings. A fully completed profile page with your detailed business information will help your page to be more visible. Optimize your social media presence by adding specific keywords in your profile, including keywords and hashtags in your content, and connecting with other accounts in your niche for exposure.

Use visual tools

You can never go wrong when you include images and videos in your posts. Using photos and videos will get you more engagement with your audience than any other content. There are different visual tools at your disposal that you can use to draw more attention to your content like infographics, clip videos, quote photos, photos, and videos.

Share your social media accounts with everyone

Share your social media accounts

Share your social media accounts with everyone but don’t spam. This is a good way of increasing your presence on social media. This way you can be present in almost all major social media platforms and you can share your content with everyone and get your word out in a simpler way.

Stay active in your accounts

If you’re inactive in your social media accounts it reflects poorly on your brand and you can lose many followers. To help you stay active on your social accounts you can schedule times when you post fresh content, prioritize your presence on social media accounts with a larger audience, and find ways of repackaging your content to keep it fresh. Also, make time to respond to your customer concerns and questions.

Create a personal website or blog

Creating a personal or business-oriented website will provide space for your original content, videos, blog posts, and projects for your brand. Your own website gives you the freedom to create your own unique and creative content. You can create an in-depth online content that incorporates all your social network accounts to produce professional content.

Link your account profile to your website

Link all your social media platform profiles to your website to make it easier to post your content to your target audience in different social media networks. You can also link your website to your profiles to make it easier for readers who want to learn more about your brand and company.

Study influencers

Forming a relationship and working with influences is a great way to build your brand, however, it takes time. You have to first cultivate a relationship with them before they can work with you. LinkedIn is a great site where you can find and engage with other experts in your field and find the top influencer in your industry then analyze their work. Note the kind of content they post and their follower responses. Get your inspiration from their personal branding strategies and try and build your own.


Creating your social media presence isn’t easy. It required a lot of patience and research to be successful.

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