Weird Habits Of Celebrities That’ll Make You Go WTF

Behind the window ornaments, even big names need to relinquish the overwhelming, holier than thou masquerade. Famous people are typical people as well and like us, even they want to pick their noses when nobody’s viewing.

They are much the same as us. OK. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Here are 15 of the most bizarre big name propensities that’ll make you go WTF:



Truth be told, she herself has admitted to this. Her companions frequently whine of this exasperating and appalling propensity for the Hollywood star. Damn, that is terrible, regardless of the fact that it’s Megan Fox!



Demi Moore swears by this habit of hers in an attempt to look youthful! But wait… letting leeches feast on you is preposterous and torturous!



While this is the endless ‘pet saaf karne ka nuskha’, Jumping Jack Jeetendra clearly takes it to the exact next level; yes, a level on the pot!



Ruler Khan is so fixated on footwear that he has confessed to taking his shoes off just before sleep time; in some cases, he even lays down with his shoes on!



She was seen completing a supper at an eatery after her “ablutions” without washing her hands and even shook hands with clueless fans!


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Sushmita Sen likes to bathe in her open porch where she has clearly set her shower tub. Maybe she gets a kick out of the chance to observe seeing the moon and the stars to consummate her showering custom.



Kesha needed to get into “prime” shape. She even drank pee on a TV program yet was hammered for that. Indeed, she isn’t half as cool as Bear Grylls!



In spite of his cleanser offering character in Fight Club, the Hollywood A-lister despises cleansers due to the “poisons” inside it.



You heard that privilege! Sandy-B is known not Preparation-H hemorrhoid cream to expel puffiness from under the eyes.



The Baywatch stunner has a fear of mirrors as well as of intelligent surfaces. I consider how she keeps up herself without mirror-acceptance!