Welcome to Nabha Jail! Here You Can Click Selfies and Post Status Updates

Nabha Jail, the high-security jail in Punjab has obviously ended up a standout amongst the most checked-in spots in the state, on Facebook with photos in abundance and criminals posting selfies and announcements as often as possible on their Facebook page.

This is not only the situation with Nabha Jail, Patiala and Faridkot prisons have a comparable story. Prison detainees are straightforwardly taunting the law by posting selfies and notices from behind the bars. Strikingly, a large portion of these criminals have their own particular Facebook page which they continue redesigning from the clunk.


Detainees outrightly posture for pictures, tag their companions and post it on their Facebook profiles. The top was lifted off the jail’s mystery when one of the convicts, Vicky Gounder posted photographs and notice asserting to have executed Rocky Fazilka.

The post, initially in Punjabi deciphers into “At last, the reprisal of my sibling is taken.” Following his post, a few detainees from the correctional facility made comparable cases on the online networking webpage. Before long, Jaipal Singh, the prime blamed for the homicide, redesigned his Facebook status saying it was he who really murdered Fazilka.

In spite of the fact that Singh is on the “needed” rundown of the Punjab police, he had no compunctions about posting his area with his post that likewise said “The amusement has recently begun. Simply hold up and watch.”

Discussing the occurrence ADGP Prisons, MK Tiwari said that he had a reasonable thought that the correctional facility is inundated with unlawful cell telephones however regardless of constant attacks by the police, the carrying of telephones is wild in the correctional facility premises.


In one of the posts, two asserted hoodlums are seen posturing for a photo with an inscription “Today we may be detained; tomorrow we will run the world.” In yet another post, one of the desperados composes ‘feeling awesome’.

The police said that they have requested crisp enquiry into the matter. Shockingly, the detainees in their presents appear on commend their visit in prisons. While some photographs additionally indicate offenders holding cellular telephones with a bound hand, others demonstrate that the photos are taken within the sight of the police.


As indicated by Bhatinda SSP these hoodlums are getting to be faction figures and individuals are tailing them indiscriminately on online networking.


As per a police source, every one of the detainees claim a cellular telephone. At whatever point a strike is led, they conceal the telephones in toilets or their reproductive organs.


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