What happens when magic tricks go wrong?

Magicians, magic spells, magic tricks have always enthralled us with excitement and curiosity. You call it show of hands or mere hypnotics of eyes.The magic tricks are so well planned that they make us glued to them and leave us wondering as what just happened in just some fraction of seconds.

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But ever wondered What happens when the magic tricks go wrong? Well there have been some instances where the magic tricks didn’t go as planned and the magicians have faced serious repercussions.These Repercussions are so worse that you feel scared more than excited next time you watch a magic show.

When Magic tricks go wrong:

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We bring you a video which shows What happens when magic tricks go wrong? This video has 10 worst cases where the magic trick has gone wrong. Hope this video makes you little open about the backstage problems faced by the magicians. Please leave your valuable feedback in the comments section below.