What is the Difference Between Google Suite Basic & Business?

G Suite has evolved fast to become a more preferred solution for businesses to increase productivity using different types of apps. You can find Google suite available in two different versions, the G Suite Basic and G Suite Business, with the latter being the premium variant. The more advanced variant offers everything that the Basic version has to offer along with a range of auditing and reporting features and unlimited storage among others. This guide explores the two different solutions and the differences that set them apart.

What Is Gsuite Basic?

G Suite Basic is the standard Google suite bundle that offers access to the premium version of email management. it is specifically developed keeping in mind the needs of independent professionals and small and medium enterprises. Managing your business emails becomes more professional and well organized. It also includes G Suite apps. you will be able to access the following features and functions:

  • Shared calendars
  • Online documents
  • Cloud storage

You can use custom email address, calendars can be shared with other team members, collaborate on documents with your team, files and backup can be saved in the cloud, and do lot more. G Suite Basic comes with phone and email-based customer support service.

What Is Gsuite Business?

Do you need a google suite that offers unlimited cloud storage and a suite of apps suited for your specific business needs? G Suite Business is the more sophisticated solution from Google, which costs $10 per user per month. It provides all the features and functions of G Suite Basic along with unlimited cloud storage for different business apps including Gmail and Google Drive for Work.

The premium suite provides additional features for audit reporting and archiving. Then it comes with a wide range of other features that make it so special for businesses of different sizes including:

  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Admin control over Google Drive for different apps
  • Audit/reporting for content stored on Google Drive
  • Chatting feature
  • Archive emails

This version of GSuite also provides more control over both sensitive data and users.

Features available Only in G Suite Business

Some of the key features which are available only to G Suite Business users are as follows:

Mobile Device Management & Auditing

This feature is unique to google suite for business and allows you t of view all your user’s activities using mobile devices. Once you have set up mobile device management, you can access audit logs. The different types of events shown in the logs are:

  • Any suspicious activity
  • Device compromises
  • Unsuccessful login attempts
  • Account registration changes

Advanced Reporting and Auditing

G Suite Business also offers audit logs for any activity involving your Google Drive account. You can monitor all user activities in Drive. Audit reports show the following activities:

  • Previews
  • Views and shares
  • Deletions
  • Downloads

It will provide detailed information against such activities in the form of event description, user name, event name, file type, and IP address.

You can also set criteria for showing the events. This is made possible with the help of filters in audit log. Thus, you can create custom alerts based on your specific needs.

Data-loss prevention

Another feature that makes Google suite for business unique is that it offers data loss prevention for your email traffic. It will scan emails for sensitive data such as credit card information and take actions based on the pre-set policy. The kind of actions you can trigger can include:

  • Setting alerts for a message
  • Rejecting messages
  • Quarantine messages

The scanning process will automatically check email subject and body, and attachments. You can set different policies for each user. Different content types can be detected with different levels of confidence. So you can set medium confidence detection levels for one type of content and high confidence detection levels for a different type of content.

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These are the key differences that set both these google suite variants apart. With time, Google has developed G Suite to make it a more meaningful (and more affordable) bundle of apps for businesses of different sizes. The best thing about the platform is that it offers just the right solutions within budget for everyone – from professionals to SMEs and everyone in between.

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