When Abhishek misbehaved with aishwarya on red carpet

Abhishek and Aishwarya is one of the most highlighted couple of B town. They are considered as one of the most lovable and cute couple. But recently they has been seen on red carpet stuck up with some sort of discomfort. Recently in an event Abhishek has been seen ignoring Aishwarya which ultimately put Aishwarya in an embarrassing situation. This also raised a flame that the most happily seen couple must have something disturbing in their life.





The situation took place at the screening of her latest movie Sarabjeet, in which Aishwarya will be seeing playing the role Sarabjeet’s sister’s character. At the event of screening the team of Sarabjeet was there and along with that whole Bacchan family was also there. Along with them Aishwarya’s mother, father and brother was also there. That time the media was continuously trying to capture them. Then the most shocking thing which everyone noticed that Abhishek was not in a good mood and trying o ignore Aishwarya. This was clearly visible on his face and even got captured on cameras too.


After that anyhow Aishwarya managed to call Abhishek for media photoshoot that time also he was seen disturbed and later he left Aishwarya saying that to shoot her only. As he left Aishwarya, even Aishwarya got shocked and left the place saying thanks to the media persons.

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This was a very rare scene has been seen. Earlier at the screening Dhoom 2, something similar happened when Abhishek saw the kissing scene between his wife Aishwarya and Hritik Roshan, he got angry and left the place. Well after watching all this we only wish that this was just some minor misunderstanding and will not take some serious turn. They are one of the most liked couple in Bollywood and no one want to see their favorite couple indulge in some bad situation.